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Why Walking Tree?

Some believe the mysteriously raised roots of the Walking Tree, thriving in our high-altitude, boutique farm in Oaxaca, Mexico, keep these unique trees safe to grow and flourish above the ground. Others think the roots help the trees reach eagerly for the sunlight. We like to imagine the Walking Tree shares the spirit of our tea, full of the energy and vitality of the surrounding coffee beans.

Our novel use of the coffee cherry in our tea introduces prominent notes of honey, tamarind and delicious berry into every cup. But don't take our word for it, try one of our unique flavours for yourself and watch your mood elevate, just like the roots of the mighty Walking Tree.

Making tea from coffee?

It sounds odd, we know, but we use coffee cherries from our boutique high altitude farms in Oaxaca for many great reasons. The first and most important reason is flavour. The gentle aromas provided by the coffee cherries are completely unique and create a flavour profile for our tea that's one of a kind. The second reason is respect for nature; typically the coffee fruit is discarded in order to harvest the bean, but much like an ethical hunter, we make it our goal to use every part of what we borrow from the land. Lastly, the coffee cherries are mildly caffeinated and contain traces of antioxidants, and polyphenols ingredients we can all be happy to keep in our cups.


Choose from our current flavour range: Original, Lemon and Strawberry.


We are thrilled to introduce to you coffee cherry tea hand selected from our boutique coffee plantation. This fruit tea will invigorate you with its’ mildly caffeinated, polyphenol rich content.

Flavour Notes:

Experience the floral notes of honey, hibiscus, tamarind and jasmine in every cup. Excellent for drinking all day long! Refreshing either hot or cold.

Enjoy on its’ own, with sugar or cream.

Steeping Time:

Steep for 4-6 minutes for best results.


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Flavour Notes:

A careful blend of lemon peels and coffee cherries highlight the soothing honey nectar of coffee cherry and the lively notes of lemon. Enjoy this beverage sweetened or unsweetened. Drink hot or cold, all year round!

Steeping Time:

Steep for 5-6 minutes for best results.

More than just a rind

Our lemon flavoured tea is made with 100% real lemon rind. No additives, perservatives or flavour enhancers.


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Delight in a cup of Strawberry Coffee Cherry Tea

This soothing tea will greet you with a welcoming nose of fresh strawberries and finish with a note of hibiscus. Perfect as a dessert tea. Enjoy hot or cold.

Flavour Notes:

Delicious on it’s own, but tastes like strawberries and cream when sugar and cream are added!

Steeping Time:

Steep for 5-6 minutes for best results.

About the fruit

Our strawberry flavoured tea is made with 100% real strawberries. No additives, perservatives or flavour enhancers.


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